Selection Criteria for Startups at SGC Summits

Selection Criteria for Startups at SGC Summits

Startup Game Changer 4.0 is a stepping stone to releasing your startup’s untapped potential and forming long-lasting connections as the anticipation builds for the much-awaited Startup Game Changer 4.0 (SGC Summit 4.0). Startup founders and investors are excited about the startup event.

Startup Game Changer 4.0 is a uniquely designed platform for passionate founders seeking funding for their businesses and promoting startup growth. This event is a perfect launching pad for investors searching for promising investment prospects. Startup Game Changer 4.0 attendees are guaranteed a day filled with unparalleled opportunities for forging enduring partnerships and collaborations.

Over 200+ professionals from the startup ecosystem, including well-known investors and VC firms from Orange County, San Diego & Los Angeles, will attend, providing startup founders an opportunity to interact with a wide array of angel investors and venture capitalists and discuss Business investment opportunities with them.

The startup pitching sessions will be conducted under the astute judgement of the following esteemed investors:

  • David Friedman: Chairman Emeritus of TCA Venture Group
  • Shaun Sanders, J.D.: A Startup Pitch and Fundraising Expert
  • Vivian Shimoyama: Chair of the Board of Directors at Long Beach Accelerator
  • Digvijay (Sunny) Singh: Chairman of TCA Venture Group
  • Venkat Tadanki: Managing Partner of Anvaya Ventures, Inc.
  • Abhi Mukerjee: Operating Partner of Cerracap Ventures
  • Melinda Pang: Executive Director of Irvine Tech Hub
  • JJ Richa: CEO of Pismo Ventures

Selection Criteria for Startups at SGC Summits

For this edition of SGC, only 12 startups will have the golden opportunity to pitch! However, cutting isn’t as simple as signing up. SGC 4.0 implements a rigorous screening process to ensure only the most promising startups earn a place in the spotlight.

Once through this preliminary phase, they receive feedback from a panel of investors and get exposed to a live audience rating their pitch. The pitching fee of $699 comes only after a startup gains approval to pitch at SGC.

Startups are evaluated against the following criteria:

Innovation and addressing pain points: Startups should present unique, cutting-edge business ideas showcasing their USP (Unique Selling Proposition).

Market Potential: Prospective growth and scalability in the targeted market is a must.

Core Team: The founding team should exhibit experience, expertise, and commitment.

Revenue Model: A well-defined, sustainable revenue model is desirable.

Business Plan: A systematic, executable business plan highlighting the startup’s objectives and strategies is required.

All startups interested in pitching at the SGC Summit must send a preliminary pitch deck for review. Upon acceptance of this deck, they will be granted an opportunity to participate in the live startup pitching session in front of our respected judges and a room full of investors at the SGC Summit.

  • Only 12 startups get to pitch!
  • Pitch to dozens of Angel Groups & VC Firms from Orange County, San Diego & Los Angeles.
  • All Startups go through a screening process.
  • Only the most promising startups will pitch.
  • Get feedback from dozens of investors.
  • Live rating of your pitch by the audience.
  • Only pay after you get approved to Pitch.
  • Six pre-selected startup founders will be able to pitch to investors and attendees.
  • 3 minutes to pitch, 5 minutes for Q&A

Audience feedback and voting will be provided by the Demo Day app from Startup Steroid.

What’s There for Startup Founders?

Startup founders stand to gain tremendously by attending the Startup Game Changer Summit, an event that has been meticulously designed to bridge the gap between innovative startups and seasoned investors.

Here’s how SGC 4.0 can be a game-changer for Startup founders and elevate their startup experience:

Direct Access to Leading Investors

The summit offers startups with direct access to a plethora of seasoned investors from Angel Groups and VC Firms primarily based in Orange County, San Diego, and Los Angeles. This invaluable exposure provides startups the unique opportunity to pitch startup, present their ideas and gain instant feedback from individuals in the evening who have a track record of successfully funding and nurturing startups.

Constructive Feedback 

One of the standout benefits of attending such an event is the chance to receive constructive feedback not only for your new business ideas but also from some of the leading minds in the startup ecosystem. This expert advice is invaluable for refining pitches, honing business models, and developing more effective strategies. Ultimately, such enhancements can make a startup more appealing to potential investors when seeking funding.

Networking Opportunities

The networking opportunities at the Startup Game Changer Summit are unparalleled. Founders get to interact not just with potential investors, but also with peers and industry experts. This environment fosters a community of learning and collaboration, providing startups with the chance to forge meaningful connections with investors and other startup founders alike that can aid in their growth and development.

Exposure and Credibility

Simply being a part of this exclusive event elevates a startup’s visibility and credibility within the startup ecosystem. Pitching in front of a discerning audience showcases the startup’s potential not just to investors, but to a broader audience as well, including their potential future partners, customers, and even employees who are inherently passionate about startups.

Learning from Peers

The summit offers a unique vantage point to observe and learn from the pitching styles, business models, and strategies of fellow startups. Understanding what works (and what doesn’t) directly from peers can provide actionable insights that are hard to glean from secondary research or advisory sessions.

Harnessing the Competitive Edge

Participation in a high-caliber event like the Startup Game Changer Summit allows startups to demonstrate their innovation and viability in a competitive setting. This not only catches the eye of investors for startup funding but also sets the stage for potential media coverage, adding another layer of visibility.

Financial Viability

While there is a cost associated with pitching at the summit (in case your startup pitch deck is approved), the potential return on this investment can be considerable.

Gaining the attention of just one investor could lead to significant funding, mentorship, and strategic partnerships that might be worth exponentially more than the initial outlay.

The Startup Game Changer Summit acts as a catalyst for startups looking to leapfrog the typical barriers to funding, networking, and market entry.


Startup Game Changer Summit 4.0 is a great place for ambitious startup founders who want to show their potential. It is also a chance to learn from the best in the business. This event will have many experienced investors and leaders who can give helpful advice and funds for your startup.

You’re warmly invited to participate in the summit on Wednesday, February 21, 2024 event. It’s a chance to make your startup dreams come true. You can buy tickets and find out more about the event by clicking here.


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